Brick & Mortgage is a non-profit organization that provides impoverished families across the world with a home of their own. We partner with Bay Area home buyers, giving them the opportunity to fund a home for someone else when they buy a home for themselves. By turning blueprints into bricks, we're giving impoverished families the opportunity to build a life free of poverty. Brick & Mortgage exists to provide a simple way to fund a home for a family in need, at fraction of what it costs to buy a home in the Bay Area.

A two bedroom home in the Bay Area can easily cost over half a million dollars, while a

similar home can be built overseas for less than $5,000

We take the time to carefully select projects that we believe in; housing that’s sustainable and hospitable, while also meeting strict standards for water, sanitation, and electricity. In other words, we choose homes that we’d be proud to live in. There are thousands of housing projects to choose from, and this overwhelming supply allows us demand the best from developers who are already familiar with the needs of their community. This gives a buyer peace of mind, knowing that the house they’re funding will make a huge difference for the family that calls it home.


In the fall of 2011, two friends went to see a movie about cities that focused on families living in the slums of India. During the course of the movie, the huge gap between first and third world living conditions became evident. One friend received a text from his realtor, noting that he had just made a large six-figure offer on a house in San Francisco. The other friend was focused on what was happening on the screen, where the narrator was sharing jaw-dropping statistics about the slums of Mumbai, a place where a single toilet seat can be shared by up to 900 people. From the extreme difference between these two realities, Brick & Mortgage was born.

Today, nearly one third of the world's urban population–approximately one billion people–

live in slums. The UN-Habitat recently reported that within the next 20 years that number is

expected to double. Staying healthy and safe is a constant struggle for those living in

slums, and these conditions make escaping poverty extremely difficult.

Housing is essential for constructing a life free of poverty, and Brick & Mortgage exists to provide the funding for that construction. Architects from around the globe have drawn up thousands of blueprints for developments in impoverished communities, yet without outside financing, the majority of these projects will never be built. Brick & Mortgage is intent on changing that. For less than 1% of what it costs to buy a home in the U.S., a home can be built for a family in a developing nation. By acting as a funding mechanism for smart and sustainable urban developments overseas, we’re empowering Bay Area home buyers to help change lives, one brick at a time.


When a Bay Area home buyer decides to become a Funding Partner with Brick & Mortgage, they are given the opportunity to choose which housing development they’d like to fund through our home-for-home model. We then connect them with our partnering bank, which provides a modest loan that is approved based on the Funding Partner’s ability to finance their own home. The money from this loan is then donated to Brick & Mortgage, which uses it to fund the housing development that the Funding Partner has selected. This tax-deductible donation is normally less than $6,000, and varies slightly from project to project. Usually less than 1% of the Funding Partner’s total mortgage payment, these few extra dollars per month build the foundation for a slum dwelling family to move beyond poverty.

Once construction begins, Brick & Mortgage tracks the progress of the new home and the family that comes to reside in it. Using pictures, videos, blueprints and more, we continually update the Funding Partner on the story that they are a part of, building a connection between these first and third world families.

Overseeing the entire process from start to finish, Brick & Mortgage turns blueprints into bricks, and bricks into homes. With your partnership, we can give families new homes and the chance at a life they never thought possible.